European Young Surveyors together for tomorrow’s challenges
Lisbon, Portugal, 17th-18th October 2013

The 1st FIG Young Surveyors European Meeting was held in Lisbon, Portugal from 17th to 18th October 2013. Around 150 young surveyors from 32 countries gathered together to work towards a European Network of Young Surveyors and facing the challenges together as a team, as a Network.

The meeting started with an informal Icebreaker, on 16th October 2013 at the home of ‘Ordem dos Engenheiros', the Portuguese Engineers Association. It was co-held with the Closing Ceremony of the V International Course in Topography organised by CNG. Thanks also to CNG and Geoweb for hosting this Icebreaker.

During the two days event there was a variety of sessions. The mornings focused on key note speeches. While later in the day the Young participants were invited to join forces and work together towards a European vision for the Network. Also the young surveyors took over their role in shaping their own future by sharing their thoughts and ideas on ongoing and future projects. It was also a great opportunity to learn more about the FIG and CLGE and projects in Europe and countries outside Europe.

Also new presentation styles were introduced. This caused a dynamic environment and challenged the presenters. For many of them it was the first time to present in English in front of over 150 participants. Therefore these kind of meetings are not just essential for the future of the FIG Young Surveyors Network but meetings like this are helping and supporting the development of young surveyors and create a platform of exchange.

The event was organised by the Ordem des Engenheiros (OE), represented by Teresa Sá Pereira, and the FIG Young Surveyors Network, represented by Eva-Maria Unger (Austria) and Paula Dijkstra(the Netherlands). But of course this event wouldn't have been possible without all the help and support by the sponsors, participants, trainers and keynotes. Therefore we would especially thank our Platinum Sponsors: Trimble and Dravosa, Gold Sponsors: EDP, Feno Survey Mark and Silver Sponsors: Kadaster, Leica and Topcon. Also especially we would like to thank FIG represented by FIG president CheeHai Teo, CLGE represented by CLGE president Jean-Yves Pirlot and FIG Foundation represented by FIG Foundation president John Hohol.

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