About FIG

The International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) is an international, non-government organisation whose purpose is to support international collaboration for the progress of surveying in all fields and applications.

FIG is the premier international organization representing the interests of surveyors worldwide. It is a federation of the national member associations and covers the whole range of professional fields within the global surveying community. It provides an international forum for discussion and development aiming to promote professional practice and standards.

FIG was founded in 1878 in Paris and was known as the Fédération Internationale des Géomètres. This has become anglicized to the International Federation of Surveyors. It is a UN-recognized non-government organization (NGO), representing more than 120 countries throughout the world, and its aim is to ensure that the disciplines of surveying and all who practise them meet the needs of the markets and communities that they serve.

For more information about FIG, its vision, role and its members have a look at the homepage: http://www.fig.net/

Ten commissions lead FIG’s technical work.

  • Commission 1 – Professional Standards and Practice
  • Commission 2 – Professional Education
  • Commission 3 – Spatial Information Management
    • 3-D Cadastre
  • Commission 4 – Hydrography
  • Commission 5 – Positioning and Measurement
    • GNSS Developments and Modernization
  • Commission 6 – Engineering Surveys
  • Commission 7 – Cadastre and Land Management
    • Cadastral template
    • 3-D Cadastre
    • Cadastre 2014
  • Commission 8 – Spatial Planning and Development
    • African Task Force
  • Commission 9 – Valuation and the Management of Real Estate
  • Commission 10 - Construction Economics and Management

Each member association appoints a delegate to each of the commissions. Detailed information on the work of the commissions, their work plans, working groups, seminars, newsletters and publications can be found at www.fig.net/comm.

About FIG Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is the funding of educational and capacity building projects and scholarships. The foundation gives grants and scholarships to projects, for instance to develop curricula for surveying education, training and capacity building, especially in developing countries. And it supports by seed funding conferences, meetings of young surveyors and similar events in co-operation with international agencies such as the United Nations.

For more information about the FIG Foundation and their grants have a look here: http://www.fig.net/figfoundation/


The FIG Young Surveyors Network was established as Commission 1 Working Group 1.2 Young Surveyors at the FIG Congress in Munich in 2006. The reason that this working group was started in the first place was to bring more young surveyors into the network in FIG and because of the age structure within the surveying community in the western world.

Rome wasn't built in one day and neither was this working group. But since 2006 we have come quite a long way and in 2009 the working group was upgraded to a Young Surveyors Network in Eilat, Israel. In the creation of the Young Surveyors Network within FIG a lot of experience and input has been gathered throughout the years.

We are on the way to create a global network, and we are sure that there are many young surveyors throughout the world who want to take part in this network.

With this meeting we are especially addressing the European Young Surveyors. It is the first of its kind in Europe organised by the FIG Young Surveyors Network and its great aim is to establish a European Branch of the FIG Young Surveyors Network working closely together with CLGE.

For more information about the Network and the current workplan have a look at the homepage: http://www.fig.net/ys/index.htm

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